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The Power of Community

Workshop Brief Description

The power of community is the idea that people should have a say over the places in which they live and the services they use, and that they have knowledge, skills and assets to improve their own lives and the world. Community life can provide emotional support, access to resources and networks, exchange of knowledge and skills, friendships, and collaboration. Community can also enhance personal and collective identity, self-esteem, and willingness to take on the world.

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Facilitator Jimmy Gavin (Golf Hall of Famer)

Workshop Description

MCWE 2024 Power of Community Workshop is a training program that helps leaders and changemakers to develop storytelling strategies that center racial equity, foster belonging, and illustrate the impact of their work. The workshop is designed to help communities amplify their stories and empower participants to share their stories with empathy, courage, and care.


MCWE 2024 offer workshops for four key audience groups: youth, educators, caregivers, and organizations. The workshops are designed to help participants develop and master new skills through repeated practice and encourage them to share what they’ve learned with others.

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