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Moni Jefferson - Panelist

The founder and CEO of the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE), is a remarkable serial entrepreneur and an Active-Duty Air Force spouse. Her mission is to empower military spouses by providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in launching and growing their businesses. Let’s delve into Moni’s inspiring journey:

Monika Jefferson

Moni Jefferson is an innovator committed to social impact. An active duty Air Force Spouse and accomplished multi-venture entrepreneur specializing in public relations, marketing strategy, business development, and community building. 

Moni is known for advocating for military spouse entrepreneurs and international speakers across local and national venues. Since 2014 Moni has helped build and scale multiple military spouse programs. Moni was invited to the White House and featured in Military Spouse magazine on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, Inc., and Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneurs for her work. 

Her most recent venture as the CEO and Founder of The Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) since 2019 has helped over 10k + military spouses all around the globe to start, scale, and sustain their businesses. AMSE is the first fully digital military spouse entrepreneur program and platform with education, community, digital masterclasses, resources, national partners, and more. It was built by military spouse entrepreneurs for military spouse entrepreneurs. AMSE was inducted into the DOD's Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) in its first year for its work and impact on the military spouse community and the Spouse Ambassador Network part of Dr. Bidents Joining Forces Initiative.

Moni is also known for working in tech; Moni has created and raised Capital for her three Military lifestyle apps, MilCam, MilEmoji, and My Ultimate PCS. 

Moni holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in Communications and Public Relations and is a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.

Moni has been married for 25 years, has three children, and lives on the East Coast. She loves traveling and is dangerously addicted to nachos. In her downtime, she enjoys teaching her children how to cook traditional Puerto Rican meals and diving into a good crime podcast.


About: AMSE: The Assoc. of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs connects military spouse entrepreneurs, offering them an exclusive community to start, scale, and sustain their businesses. Moni’s vision is to create a global resource database for military spouses, enabling them to connect, learn, and empower themselves as successful entrepreneurs. By doing so, AMSE contributes to financial stability, overall happiness, and self-confidence among military families, furthering our nation’s mission readiness.


Hands-On Approach: What sets AMSE apart is its peer-to-peer approach. Members gain access to an online dashboard, monthly content themes, national subject matter experts, mentorship, and valuable resources. This supportive community thrives on the shared experiences of individuals living the nomadic military lifestyle. Whether stationed globally or at any stage of business, AMSE caters to military spouse entrepreneurs.

Moni’s Entrepreneurial Journey:

  • Dog Tags and Heels: Moni owns Dog Tags and Heels, a PR and social media agency. Through this venture, she collaborates with national and celebrity clients, building brand evangelism and social impact.

  • Tech Innovator: Moni’s work extends to the tech space. She has created and raised capital for three military lifestyle apps: MilCam, MilEmoji, and My Ultimate PCS.

  • MilSpouse Creative™ and Entrepreneur: Moni founded MilSpouse Creative™ and Entrepreneur, a global networking community for military spouse entrepreneurs, rich in mentorship and resources.

  • Education and Background: Moni holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Public Relations from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She is also a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.


Empowering an Entire Generation: Moni’s impact extends beyond entrepreneurship. Through AMSE and her community at MilSpouse Creatives, she empowers military spouses, especially women of color and Latina leaders. Moni Jefferson is a beacon of inspiration, celebrating the accomplishments of military spouses and contributing to a stronger community

Hosted by Military Children's Six Foundation In Partnership with Fashion Centre At Pentagon City.




Saturday, April 27, 2024

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM



Fashion Centre At Pentagon City, 1100 S. Hayes St., Arlington, VA 22202

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