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Month of the Military Child Imaage
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April 26.2025

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Honored Military Family of the Year - The Barnette Family
Military Children's Six Foundation - Family of the Year
Military Children 2024 World Expo "School of the Year" - Ankara EHS - Europe

Special Thanks To:
General George W. Casey, Jr. (36th Chief of Staff, US Army)
Dr. Sharon Bannister (Major General, USAF Retired)
Colleen C. Shine (Special Envoy; SDIT Founding Board Member)
Todd Jerschild (Director of Marketing and Business Development, Fashion Centre at Pentagon City)
Adrienne Schaffer, Esq. (Colonel Retired - Military Children's Six Foundation)

The President's Own Band

Family Health and Wellness Symposium
Mr. Paul Kingsbury - BlueCross BlueShield Association
Ms. Michelle Norman - Partners In PROMISE
Ms. Kara Dallman - Our Military Kids
Ms. Moni Jefferson - ASE
Ms. Becca Garrison - National Military Family Association

Ms. Amira Jefferson

Many Thanks To:
Ms. Keylin Perez (2nd Lieutenant) America's MISS Ideal - 2024
Miss. Taylor Walsh (Operation Homefront Military Child of the Year)

Major Kevin Harris
Captain Leanne Parkhill
Shelia Whiting (The Art Box) HotShots
Ms. Constance Mack
Phillp Cunningham (Photo Booth)
Dr. Rhonda Hamilton
Dr. Deborah O. Gilmore
Ms. Tracie Therrence Ferrell, Ph.D.
Mr. Bryson Roache
Mr. Jim Schulman
Mr. Philip Burton "Burr" Gray
Ms. Georgia Monsam
Mr. Drexil Smothers
Colonel Michael Masuda (USAF)

Mr. Jonathan Morris
Richard Parker, Esq. (Colonel Retired)
Ms. Miriam Gennari


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