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교육 - 퍼플 스타 스쿨

Purple Star School은 군대와 관련된 어린이의 고유한 교육적, 사회적, 정서적 요구를 지원하기 위해 노력하는 공립 또는 차터 학교입니다. Purple Star 학교 지정은 오하이오주의 군인 아동 주간 협약 위원회(MIC3) 국장인 Pete LuPiba가 고안한 것입니다.


진행자 - MCEC 직원

MCEC Purple Star School Workshop is a professional development program designed to help schools respond to the educational and social-emotional challenges military-connected children face during their transition to a new school and keep them on track to be college, workforce, and life-ready. The program supports military-connected children as they relocate to new schools due to a parent’s change in duty station. Military children move every two to three years, and the Purple Star School program is designed to help them adjust to new schools and environments.


The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is the national advocate for Purple Star Schools, and they offer support to states seeking to start a Purple Star School program. MCEC provides guidance and serves in a consultative role every step of the way. As of October 10, 2023, 38 states have received Purple Star School designation, and four states have proposed/pending legislation.


MCEC Workshop Presenter and Facilitator

Format: In-Person & Virtual

90 Minutes

April 18, 2024

Free Workshop

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