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Experts Panel

“Ignite Your Well-Being: A Dynamic Family Health & Wellness Panel!”

Hosted by Military Children's Six Foundation In Partnership with Fashion Centre At Pentagon City. Presented by BlueCross BlueShield Association.

Meet The Panelist

Meet the BlueCross BlueShield Association and Friends: A dynamic family of health and wellness experts, joined by inspiring guests:

  1. Paul Kingsbury, Director, Uniformed Service Relations at BCBSA

  2. Becca Garrison, Director of Military Family Programs at National Military Family Association

  3. Kara Dallman, Executive Director of Our Military Kids

  4. Moni Jefferson, Executive Director of Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

  5. Amira Jefferson, Military Brat and dedicated college student

  6. Michelle Norman, Executive Director of Partners In PROMISE

Stay tuned for additional panelists!




2024년 4월 27일 토요일

오전 8시 - 오전 10시



Fashion Centre At Pentagon City, 1100 S. Hayes St., Arlington, VA 22202

03. Presenter

임원, 업계 리더, 개인, 가족.

04. 발표자

블루크로스 블루쉴드 협회. 

05. Resilience

5,300만 명의 간병인과 그들의 회복력을 기립니다.

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