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Military Culture

Workshop Brief Description

Military culture is a unique tradition, mission, structure and leadership of military history. It is a dynamic social system that contains shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms of a group. Military culture maintains distinct sub-cultures known as Branches of Service that have unwritten sets of rules, viewpoints, perspectives and operating procedures. It is a collection of ideas, beliefs, prejudices and perceptions which determine an army’s response to the tasks which it is set by a political authority.

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Facilitator (TBA)

Workshop Description

A Military Culture Workshop aims to provide a better understanding of military culture and veteran experiences to improve care for veterans. The program is designed to help students, faculty, and staff gain a better understanding of the experiences of veterans and become comfortable in asking one basic question when working with people: “Are you a veteran?”

The Workshop provides an understanding of military culture and the various stages a service member goes through, from enlisting to returning to civilian life. The workshops discuss a variety of resources available to help veterans, such as workforce development, health, mental wellness, and benefits.

Above the waterline are the visible aspects of the culture, such as ranks, uniforms, medals, salutes and ceremonies. At the waterline are more subtle cultural signs, including service creeds and oaths of office.

Below the waterline are the hidden aspects of military culture – the values of discipline, teamwork, self-sacrifice, loyalty and fighting spirit.

Are you culturally competent when it comes to clients who are active-duty service members, veterans or military family members?

Military Children Cultural Workshop, which is discussed also, aims to provide military children with a platform to learn about different cultures and traditions. This workshop is designed to help children understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures around the world, and to help them develop a sense of empathy and respect for others.


Format: In-Person (Adults) Virtual (Children)

90 Minutes

April 16, 2024


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