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Media Workshop

Media training is a type of communication training for people who plan to have interactions with media outlets. This training prepares individuals to represent themselves, a brand or a company to the media by teaching them how to discuss relevant topics in an engaging and professional way.

Facilitator Miriam Gennari | SustainableScoop 

Workshop Description

A media workshop is a structured and interactive session designed to create an environment for meaningful work and to guide a group through a process that will lead to great outcomes. The purpose of a media training workshop is to help individuals or organizations effectively communicate with the media and the public by teaching them how to discuss relevant topics in an engaging and professional way. These workshops are designed to engage participants and foster their active involvement in the process. They typically involve hands-on activities, facilitation techniques, group discussions, simulations, and collaborative exercises, which allow participants to explore, ideate, and participate in achieving their desired outcomes.

MCWE 2024 Media training workshop can entail a variety of activities and techniques to help participants improve their media skills and confidence. Some of the common activities include:

  • Practice interviews: Participants deliver several practice interviews on camera and receive feedback from the trainer and peers. They learn how to handle challenging questions, deliver strong messages, and use body language and voice effectively.

  • Interactive lectures: Participants learn the basics of media communication, such as understanding the media landscape, identifying the audience, crafting the key messages, and framing the narrative.

  • Breakout exercises: Participants work in small groups or pairs to apply the concepts and skills learned in the lectures. They may brainstorm ideas, write media advisories or press releases, pitch stories, or create action plans.

  • Video examples: Participants watch and analyze video clips of real media interviews, both good and bad. They learn from the mistakes and successes of others and identify the best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Simulations: Participants experience realistic scenarios that mimic the media environment, such as press conferences, panel discussions, or live broadcasts. They test their skills and knowledge in a high-pressure situation and receive constructive feedback.

MCWE 2024 Media training workshop can vary in length, format, and content depending on the needs and goals of the participants. However, they all aim to provide a supportive and engaging learning experience that will enhance the participants’ media performance and impact.


  • Format: In-Person & Virtual

  • 90 Minutes

April 08, 2024

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

2461 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314

Free Workshop


Meet Miriam Gennari | Facilitator


Miriam Gennari is the founder of the SustainableScoop. The original “Scoop” began as a public-access TV segment in 2012. Since then, Miriam has interviewed over 200 guests. These interview segments can be seen on YouTube on the SustainableScoop channel.


Miriam is also the creator of The StyrofoamMom movie and a field producer. In 2020, Miriam established The SustainableScoop as an independent Public-Access show, taking over production. She continues to upload these programs to YouTube.


She now works to transition the SustainableScoop further into a dynamic non-profit organization founded in Arlington, VA with a mission to inspire engagement while supporting access to the educational and organizational requirements like community service hours and internships. 

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