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Family Friendly Events

  • Tales of Military Children Valor and Bravery Presentation

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Child Performances

  • Balloon Twist, and

  • More



  • Musical Performances (Special Artists Appearances)

  • Symphony Performance

  • The President's Own Marine Band



  • Essay

  • Art

  • Poetry

  • Best Painted Face

  • Photography


Special Guest Speakers

  • General George W. Casey, Jr. (36th Chief of Staff, US Army)

  • Dr. Sharon Bannister (Major General, USAF)

  • Colleen C. Shine (SDIT)

  • Taylor Walsh (Homefront Military Child of the Year)

  • Keylin Perez (America's MISS Ideal 2024)

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The Unstoppable Power

World Expo

April 27-2024 

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