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"When it comes to Military Children, Family Means Everything"


Building resilience among our military families. Introducing the 5 pillars that set the conditions for individual and family health, and well-being.


Roughly 0.5% of the American public has served on active duty at any given time since 9/11. This number is expected to continue to decline as a result of continued voluntary service and evolving technology. While the smaller percentage of Americans in military service alone is not a cause for concern, the resulting decrease in understanding between the military and the broader U.S. society presents significant challenges for the future of American defense.

April - The Month of The Military Child

"Resilience" Military Children 2024 World Expo is a global awareness initiative designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the experiences and challenges encountered by military families. Military families are, first and foremost, American families. As such, they are very similar to their civilian neighbors. Many need dual incomes to be financially secure, are concerned about their children's education and well-being, and want to establish roots and contribute to their communities. However, the unique demands of military service means families must serve and sacrifice along with their service member, and this results in exceptional issues and challenges for the entire military family.

Supporting military families strengthens national security and local communities and is vital to sustaining a healthy All-Volunteer Force. Toward this end, with help from its valued partner, supporting sponsors, The Military Children 2024 World Expo "Resilience" The Unstoppable Power, will accomplish its global awareness objective "The Military Child"- Resilience.

Through special events, workshops, speakers, and child serving organizations, this Expo is intended to identify key aspects of military life to effectively target resources, services, and programs that support the sustainability of military children, service, and the All-Volunteer Force; and facilitate a holistic understanding of service member, Veteran, and military family experiences so that communities' legislators, and policy makers can better serve each of their unique needs.

The Military Children 2024 World Expo offers crucial insight to help inform national leaders, local communities, and philanthropic actors-functions that are even more important as decision makers assess how to support military children, military and Veteran families. The Military Children Expo also presents the opportunity to increase dialogue between the military community and broader American society by highlighting areas for improvement and offering solutions to bridge the civil-military divide, strengthen communities, and bolster the health and sustainability of the All-Volunteer Force.

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